MANGO PEELER | Artist, Athlete

"I'm so happy to have found Darielle. She really went above and beyond, and I'm so stoked that we will be able to grow together.

I have the best, most creative lawyer.

B E S T.

Thanks Dar"


MELISSA MAYO | Chef, Author, Entrepreneur

"I am passionate about food and health. I need to be creative and I cannot be bothered with paperwork. I don’t want to waste any of my energy on dotting i’s and crossing t’s. But I also know the importance of being protected when I enter into contracts with global brands and multinational corporations. Darielle understands my goals and she is part of my team, giving me peace of mind, so I can do what I do best. I feel safe knowing she is overseeing all the details and together we have brainstormed to build a solid and continuous revenue stream which allows me to grow my company. She is fun to work with, and unlike other lawyers, she thinks out of the box and is such a key player in my success. You are in the best hands with her."


AMIR FISHMAN | Director, Overhang Adventures Inc.

"Darielle is incredible because she talks to you like you're best friends, but makes sure that there's enough legal speak that you know you're dealing with a highly competent lawyer. She specializes in working with Athletes, Wellness Professionals, and Entrepreneurs, so she understands our needs far better than most lawyers. She's incredible at presenting the potential issues of a deal in a way that isn't overwhelming and isn't daunting. Darielle has been a tremendous help to me when negotiating my sponsorship deals. She has gone over the deals with me and helped me draft counter-proposals for offers that weren't in my best interest. More amazingly, she gave me the courage and support to stand up for what I'm worth. So far, following her advice has always worked in my favour, and has led to substantial gains overall.  I highly recommend connecting with her, because she will work tirelessly to make sure that you are taken care of." 


CORRINE SANDLER | CEO, Fresh Intelligence Research Corp.

“As a serial entrepreneur, I constantly need fast paced corporate legal support. Darielle understands the modern entrepreneur, she listens, she cares, she is efficient, incredibly smart and reliable. Working with AWE Legal didn't feel like I was working with a corporate law firm, but rather with a partner, an extension of my executive team.”


AARON LIBFELD | Co-Founder, The Underground Dance Centre

"Darielle has been such a pleasure to work with. More than just knowing exactly what legal documentation I need, she is able to deliver the documents in a way that is easily understood by my clients and staff. Two thumbs way way up for Darielle!"


WENDY LEUNG | Holistic Health & Happiness Coach, Registered Acupuncturist

“Legal paperwork can be intimidating for small business owners and that’s exactly how I felt when I was setting up my online coaching business. I’m so grateful to have found Darielle because not only does she specialize in helping service-oriented health & wellness businesses, she’s also so warm, friendly and open that you’ll immediately feel at ease when you speak with her. She helped me ensure that my two businesses operate in legal harmony with each other and drafted a coaching agreement that’s easy for my clients to understand. She’s knowledgeable and efficient and she really cares about her clients so she’ll collaborate with you to make sure you get what you need. I LOVE working with people who love what they do, so I’m very happy to have Darielle in my corner as I grow my business. Thanks, Darielle!!”

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