Fitness Entrepreneurs: My Interview with Coach Jodi Rumack

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I recently had a the pleasure of having a video interview with Fitness Business Coach, Jodi Rumack. I love having the opportunity to provide basic legal education to entrepreneurs, especially those in the fitness community (my community) who often don't know what they need or where to begin. Below is a little fitness law 101 that hopefully can help to answer some common questions for people working in the fitness industry!

Jodi has 18 years of fitness industry experience behind her and she founded her role as a Fitness Business Coach in 2013. As a coach, Jodi has worked with multiple club/studio owners as well as in-home businesses, helping them to maximize their opportunities and take their businesses to new heights through sales, systems, staffing and productivity. Jodi has driven over $14million in program and personal training sales and is passionate about helping fitness professionals maximize their businesses.

In an effort to help her clients in her new program, the "Fitness Business Maximizer", she asked to interview me about the legal side of the fitness industry. We talk contracts, business structure, liability, common mistakes and more! Check out the full video interview below if you're a fitness entrepreneur, trainer or just curious about business contracts. 

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