Introducing AWE

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Hello! My name is Darielle and I am the creator of this special boutique law firm. I created AWE Legal because I know that expressing myself through my work is the best way I can help my clients and the traditional corporate mould just wouldn’t cut it. We don’t all work the same so I created a legal service where I put my best foot forward allowing me to serve you better. I knew I could be caring, intelligent, and provide an excellent service without wearing a power suit or being chained to a desk so I made the leap.

I work with athletes, artists, creatives, wellness professionals and entrepreneurs because I am all of these things. And because I’m not any one of these things exclusively, I stand to learn a lot from my clients. I’m passionate about my business and I work hard to ensure you’re protected and equipped to thrive in the marketplace. I love to write and problem solve, and bringing your brand to life is something that excites me as much as it excites you! Really.

I believe any successful business relationship begins with a personal touch, so before we talk business, let’s talk fitness, health, and goals. Introduce me to the person behind the idea, what inspires you and what you hope to achieve and I’ll make sure your legal barriers become stepping stones to your success.

Yes, I’m a lawyer and I’m proud to say a competent one, but above all else I’m human and I understand you are too, and sometimes connecting on that level in itself is refreshing. Collaboration and working with open minded, resilient and passionate people makes my work sharper and keeps me excited, always wanting to learn more.

I once met a woman while traveling Indonesia who told me I was never going to be a traditional lawyer but a spiritual one. I love that. I live that. And I do my best to have that shine through my service. I look forward to growing with you on this journey, my totally awesome clients! Let’s climb together.

If you have any questions or for more information get in touch with AWE Legal at